Touring Production Cargo

New Direx Touring Production Cargo

"The ownership at New Direx is easy to reach for any unexpected issues that may arise, or urgent quotations, and they have been a pleasure to deal with over the years. If they do not have a solution for you, they will work tirelessly to make sure you are satisfied, and a tailor made solution is perfected and implemented. I wholeheartedly recommend the team at New Direx for all of your importing and exporting needs. "

New Direx specializes in touring production cargo. We understand that the gear needs to arrive and we’re working around the clock to make sure nothing slows you down. By arranging and coordinating every move, case and lighting rig with time-tested precision, we ensure your event will be the fully-loaded spectacle your fans demand. Our services cover all aspects of domestic & international shipping. Our extensive shipping expertise allows for our customers to focus on their marketing strategies and other areas of importance pertaining to running a successful exhibit while we take care of the logistics.

Our Touring Production Cargo Advantages

Let's get loud

New Direx experience speaks for itself and after hundreds of successful tours, we’re worthy of that noise. Our world wide strategic partnerships ensure that when your event crosses borders, ain’t nothing gonna slow us down. We operate in a pro-active environment to prevent delays or fines so all you have to do is entertain us!

Delicate and Urgent

Both high-value and time-sensitive, touring cargo requires critical care at every stage. We work closely with production companies to ensure their gear arrives precisely on time, without fail. Our highly trained team of industry experts can manage any fragile shipments.

Everybody wants to rule the world

Touring exhibits are grandiose events that bring fans from around the world to experience a unique show. By using our strategic partnerships and decades of expertise, we ensure a smooth transition from venue to venue. With cargo like the LED screens pictured here everyone experiences your event like they’re seated in the front row.

On the Dockside

Customer service isn’t just a buzzword at New Direx. We’re on hand, carefully monitoring each and every shipment to ensure your touring cargo remains in pristine condition. We can’t tell you whose cargo was headed on tour, but when it’s your cargo, you can rest assured you’ll have the same red carpet attention.

The tools and knowledge to get the job done right and on time.