New Direx Textile Customer

"We have always attempted to lower costs in this area over the years, and have found no company (including large freight companies) that could match their pricing, their service, and their dedication to making this tedious and involved process easy for us. The staff and ownership at New Direx has worked hard to help us manage our growth in this area and avoid any difficulties, and the process has actually become extremely streamlined and simple to manage."

The main concern of our customers is how to offer the newest fashions in time to meet the weekly season that’s developed for clothing retailers and consumers.

Thanks to the development of fast fashion, the global textile market is an exploding industry and New Direx has the experience to help make you build your brand. Whether you’re looking to import raw materials or ship the final goods, we’re fluent in the language of textiles. With two decades of experience providing value-added services to the textile industry, we can create a convenient, workable plan for your supply chain.¬†We work with you directly to create consolidation plans that save transportation costs for overseas shipments.

Our Textiles Advantages


By using our strategic partnerships and global industry expertise, New Direx can help your textile business grow into a lean, efficient, compliance-ready brand. Our 24/7 tracking allows you to know instantly where your purchase orders are and plan accordingly


The fashion industry shows no sign of slowing down as it grows into a rapidly cycling market with new and fresh trends developing daily. By using our decades of experience and global partners, we can help you trend towards success.

The tools and knowledge to get the job done right and on time.