Entertainment Project Cargo

New Direx Entertainment Project Cargo Customer

"We are extremely pleased with their efficiency and reliability, especially in the most difficult of situations when shipments are delayed and customers are anxious.
They go beyond their primary responsibility and respond to our customers with courtesy and information that helps manage such situations."

No Dinosaurs harmed during the shipment of this exhibit by New Direx

Not all entertainment cargo is a large traveling showcase and New Direx moves theme park rides, movie sets, museum exhibits, parade floats and advertisement cargo that isn’t on tour. We work diligently with our strategic partnerships to coordinate these amazing shipments around the world so everyone can enjoy the magic of entertainment projects.
From amusement parks, museums, advertisement photo shoots and movie sets, our industry experts are on hand to make sure your happiest memories have a safe home where they can be shared and bring joy and excitement to everyone around them.

We are experts in working with cargo traveling via special charter, under ATA Carnets and Letters of Credit, or cargo bound for trade shows and advertisement photo shoots.

Our Entertainment Project Cargo Advantages

Titanic Sized

Titanic exhibit reaches port safe & sound with New Direx!

Oversized cargo can be difficult, but oversized, overweight cargo that is fragile and priceless? Bring it on! New Direx works to ensure that every single item  is cared for, cataloged and monitored to ensure its safety and security.

Lights, Carnet, Action!

To Infiniti and everywhere else with New Direx!

We are experts in working with cargo traveling via special charter, under ATA Carnets and Letters of Credit, or cargo bound for trade shows. New Direx shipped this awesome fleet of vehicles for a special advertisement photo shoot and then brought them home, safe and sound.

Final Destination

Parade floats make magic with New Direx!

At New Direx, we’re experts at moving the awkward, built-to-scale pieces most other forwarders won’t attempt. Whether it’s a car or a multi-piece roller coaster, we’re your team to ship, clear and deliver cargo to any destination. Our team of experts can handle your pieces as they head for their new homes.

Substance & Style

New Direx works with special cargo around the world!

New Direx is committed to working with our trusted partners around the globe to not only save our clients time and money, but to help our global family. The SUV pictured was proudly shipped by New Direx for the Wounded Warrior Project in Anchorage, AK.

The tools and knowledge to get the job done right and on time.